NetCentric Intelligence®

The Network has become the dominant model for understanding in the modern age: Social networks, supply-chain networks, terrorist networks, financial networks, transnational criminal networks – all are based on amorphous, constantly adapting networks of people, organizations, places, things, events and ideas.

Semantica® is the only analysis tool built, from the ground up, to directly address the ever-changing networks that define the greatest data challenges of our times. NetCentric Intelligence® is the application of fused data and information to the deep problems of mapping and understanding the nature and specifics of constantly changing networks.

Semantic Research, Inc. pioneered the field of NetCentric Intelligence by adapting the semantic network as a data model for fusing and representing data from virtually any source into a common, visual, interactive representation of knowledge that allows analysts to see, and understand, the network they are attempting to exploit.   Read the NetCentric Manifesto »

An introduction to Semantica