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Semantica for

Financial Investigations

Evolving regulatory requirements, inefficient compliance processes and ineffective investigation results have hurt the profitability of U.S. financial institutions. Whether it's an AML, EDD or fraud investigation, Semantica is tailored for pinpointing risks and equipping organizations to act fast... before threats materialize.

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Semantica for Financial
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Semantica for

Government Analytics

Semantica works “left of boom” to find and connect trails of threat data, wherever they exist. Since 9/11, Semantic Research has played a critical role in combating terrorism, protecting U.S. Borders, counter narcotics and money laundering. Semantica has customized solutions for Department of Defense, Special Operations Forces and Law Enforcement.

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Semantica Intelligence & Insight Environment

Too much data? Not enough time?

By combining semantics with entity, path, link and social network analytics, Semantica AI adds a layer of intelligence to make rapid contextual connections throughout vast amounts of disparate data. Semantica users can uncover more critical information, in less time, than users of traditional processes.

Adaptable Data Analytics Environment

The Semantica AI™ Platform is designed for augmented human intelligence in the Artificial Intelligence age. This adaptable investigation, analytics and intelligence environment features Investigative ETL™ (Extract, Transform, Load). ETL synthesizes data from any and all sources – allowing users to quickly analyze situations, redirect investigative focus and dive deeply into the most relevant connections.

  • The Enhanced Neural Graphs™ Data Model is built on years of human cognition research. It is based on the way we store, access, analyze, and build knowledge and understanding in human memory.
  • SRI Analytics™ provides and embeds the most advanced state-of-the-art analysis capabilities, including video, audio, translation, sentiment, facial recognition, triplet-based link, geospatial, and temporal analyses to give our users the best tools to get to the rights answers, fast.
  • Intuitive Cognitive Visualization™ presentations allow Semantica users to see beyond and around their data to create real understanding, to make better, faster, more cognizant decisions. Semantica users benefit from their own customized, human-centric, knowledge augmentation environment.

Solutions for Finance

Anti money laundering

From an Alert to filing a SAR, enable your organization to be more efficient and accurate in reporting Suspicious Activity.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Through automation and human analysis, organizations are able to get a more accurate understanding of their clientele.

Financial fraud

Better understand customer behavior to prevent and mitigate financial loss from fraudulent activity.


Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus.

Solutions for Government

Department of Defense

Border security, counter narcotics and cyber security are a few domains Semantica has excelled.

Special Operations Forces

From the battlefield to the command center, provide resources with more actionable intelligence to mitigate and reduce threats.

Law Enforcement

Do more with less, by enabling analysts and investigators to find patterns and trends across criminal incidents, expedite case work and streamline analysts’ workflows.


  • Integrates all data into one resource
  • Human like reasoning
  • Accesses data, doesn't acquire...saving time and money
  • Learns, adapts and grows with each use
  • Smart automation for workflow efficiencies

Semantica Uses

  • Threat identification
  • Identifying and tracking adversaries
  • Anti money laundering
  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Financial fraud & crimes
  • Compliance
  • Sharing with law enforcement
  • and much more...

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