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A Changing Landscape

Conflicts of interest are now a major risk at all organizations, and these threats only increase with globalization. Organizations are dealing with the ever-increasing velocity of business change combined with an exponential growth in their data. At the same time, companies in all industries are faced with a more complex and far-reaching regulatory environment that is ever-changing. So whether you are in a legal, medical, accounting, financial, or government organization, maintaining a clear understanding of everyone’s associations both within and outside your organization is a must to preventing damaging conflicts of interest. With SEMANTICA, your organization will detect conflicts of interest before they become a reality.


Improve company-wide visibility

Piece together all of your data to get a holistic view to reveal hidden relationships and suspicious associations among customers, accounts or other entities early in their lifecycles.

Reduce the risk of taking on new business

Look deep into all connections and areas of interest to surface all possible sources of conflict.

Increase investigator efficiency & productivity

Streamline operations and increase the efficiency of the decision-making process.

Reduce malpractice insurance premiums

Identify potential conflicts to greatly reduce risk of exposure.

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Identify Overall Exposure

Synthesize data from all sources (transactions, assets, customers, vendors, partners, and much more) and derive insight from massive, dynamic, ambiguous, and conflicting data. SEMANTICA fuses all data from multiple, disparate sources in context, and helps you understand and identify conflicts of interest that would have otherwise gone undetected.

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Discover The Unexpected

Visualize connections among entities in multiple ways such as network views, geospatial views, and temporal views to identify conflicts of interest before they occur. SEMANTICA provides visual representations of data from multiple sources so you can see communications, locations, patterns, trends, associations, relationships, and hidden connections. SEMANTICA can be used to demonstrate complex networks of parties and uncover indirect relationships, including those connected through several intermediaries. Similarly, geospatial analysis provides a visual model of the geographical locations of transactions, assets, customers, vendors, or other data. You’ll be able to see suspicious connections and relationships before it’s too late and can proactively avoid conflicts of interest.

See How Semantica can Work for you Request A Demo