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Identify malicious behavior

Cyber security teams today typically use multiple endpoint solutions to protect their enterprises from common threats including intrusion detection and security information and event management (SIEM) systems. The problem is they receive massive amounts of data from multiple sources and are unable to put all of that data into usable context. That means cyber criminals — who are more sophisticated than ever — are able to quickly spot potential vulnerabilities and take advantage of them. Given this new threat landscape, existing SIEM and log management tools are no longer enough. Today’s companies need an intelligence layer that will provide true context that complements intrusion detection and SIEM systems, allowing security analysts to discover unknown and hidden attack patterns. With SEMANTICA, your company will be able to detect these malicious, hidden threats more effectively and stop cyber crime in its tracks.


Uncover malicious, hidden attack patterns

Investigate incidents across multiple dimensions to detect suspicious behavior and discover connections amongst seemingly isolated events that might otherwise be overlooked.

Anticipate and prevent threats

With quicker identification of cyber security breaches, you’ll be able to proactively and preemptively stop threats.

Increase Productivity

Automate workflows that reduce the time an analyst needs to spend on research and increase the time available for analysis.

Mitigate risk

Detect patterns of potentially damaging behavior inside and outside of your enterprise, and identify people, organizations and decisions that pose the greatest risk.

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Get Situational Awareness

Consolidate all data – from points of entry to networking monitoring devices to endpoint data to SIEM systems to external data such as social media, points of transaction – so you see a holistic view of all cyber events feeding your organization. SEMANTICA accesses and ingests relevant data across multiple log sources – Active Directory, SSH, Logins, DNS, VPN, proxy, applications, file access, in-house applications such as CRM, HRMS, email systems, and external sources such as social media sites Twitter, Facebook, and much more – allowing you to get a fully integrated view of your information.

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Prevent Threats

Increase your ability to spot threats, even as your adversaries get more sophisticated. By combining all data such as transaction types, resources used, session duration, connectivity and typical peer group behavior, SEMANTICA provides a quick way to identify the important assets, actors and events relevant to a cyber threat, all in context to one another. SEMANTICA allows analysts to be curious, explore all the data, find patterns, and investigate incidents across multiple dimensions to detect suspicious behavior that deviate from the norm. Your analysts will discover connections among seemingly isolated actions that might otherwise be overlooked. SEMANTICA can also track cyber threats over time and help you proactively and preemptively prevent known threats.

See How Semantica can Work for you Request A Demo