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Data to Intelligence

Defense and intelligence organizations are facing unprecedented challenges today, and collect and analyze huge amounts of data with the end goal of improving situational awareness to help warfighters and analysts, as well as provide increased support to military operations. However, the threat landscape is constantly changing, so it is becoming increasingly urgent that defense and intelligence agencies use context analytics that will allow them to convert data to polished information. With SEMANTICA, this huge task becomes manageable – providing analytics in context so as to identify these “unknown unknown” threats in near real time – helping to improve military operations and ensuring mission success.


A More Complete Picture

Combine all data from disparate sources – HUMINT, OSINT, CYBINT, GEOINT, and much more – to ensure discovery of the “unknown unknowns”.

Analytics at Near Real-Time

Identify patterns, relationships, hidden connections, and better intelligence from multiple sources – and connect the dots for smarter, faster decisions – essential in modern warfare.

Make Your Data Agile & Secure

Ensure data is always under your control. Access and ingest only what is needed for analysis, and quickly add new, fresh data for further analysis at any time.

Empower Your Analysts to Make Decisions

Remove the barriers for better data-driven decision by providing intelligence analysts – from commanders at Command Center to troops on the front-line –immediate access to the latest analytics to protect against terrorism and crime.

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explore Behavior

Combine data from all sources such as HUMINT, OSINT, CYBINT, GEOINT and others to obtain the complete picture. Today’s threat detection is all about terrorist behavior – SEMANTICA fuses bank account transfers, travel patterns to areas of conflicts, call records, extreme online conversations, social media (FaceBook, Twitter, etc.), and much more, to determine and connect the dots of “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “how” and discover the “unknown unknowns”.

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Unknown Unknowns

Apply advanced analytics to uncover the “unknown unknowns”. SEMANTICA allows you to visualize connections among all entities in multiple ways such as network, geospatial and temporal views to identify suspicious activity. SEMANTICA provides context as well as visual representations of data from multiple sources so you can see communications, locations, patterns, trends, associations, relationships, and hidden connections, including through several intermediaries – meaning you can uncover “unknown unknowns” to make better, quicker decisions to thwart terrorist activity.

See How Semantica can Work for you Request A Demo