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Zone into Your Customer

Extreme Personalization works only when you know every bit of information about your consumers – what her profile looks like, her clickstream data, her purchase data, her mobile usage, her social media interactions, her shopping locations, her customer service log-ins, her in-store behavior, her social media relationships, her birthday, etc. And once you know this information, you need technology that can track how everything is connected to each other. With SEMANTICA, you can find both obvious and hidden patterns and trends in the data that will allow for more precise and nuanced personalization, and is essential to being able to provide her with the most optimal products.


Make every customer feel like she is your only customer

Identify your customer’s buying habits, lifestyles and preferences. Understand social relationships and how they influence buying behavior and loyalty. And use what you learn to form a single, robust view of each customer.

Anticipate your customer’s next move

Stay ahead of consumer trends. Predict future buying behaviors, and take advantage of opportunities to enhance the customer experience.

Make smarter
data-driven decisions

Discover unique insights by linking random data, such as a digital ad impression, a discount offer from your website and a satisfied customer’s tweet. Then take action based on what you learn.

Remove barriers between analytics and the business

Put powerful analytics into the hands of marketers by infusing a wide array of analytic capabilities into your decision-making processes.

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Really Know Your Customer

Gain complete visibility into your customer by merging all of your available data from sources within and outside the enterprise including transaction data from all channels, marketing campaigns data, user profile data, reviews/ratings, web analytics and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and more. SEMANTICA delivers actionable intelligence that allows you to better understand consumer preferences and trends so you can make more optimal marketing decisions.

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Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

Discover unique insights by linking all data about a customer to predict future buying behavior. SEMANTICA combines and correlates the behaviors of consumers, their buying habits, lifestyles and preferences. SEMANTICA can also help you fill in the “missing” pieces in a customer’s profile by predicting interests using inferences from relationships contextually specific to a user and transaction type. Whether it is social, family, work relationships and demographics, life situation, or geographic proximity, SEMANTICA pulls these preferences into combined context to help you choose superior recommendations for a competitive advantage.

See How Semantica can Work for you Request A Demo