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the silent threat

The world of fraud is constantly evolving. Today’s fraudsters are more sophisticated; they rarely work individually at small opportunistic crimes, but organize as rings and use new scams and schemes to exploit vulnerabilities in your organization and bilk you out of millions. As fraudsters get smarter and use technology advancements to their benefit, organizations face greater difficulties in detecting and preventing deception. Given this new fraud landscape, it is no longer possible to rely just on traditional rule-based siloed systems that detect known attack techniques or anomalous activity. Required are entity-driven context analytics that will complement these traditional rules-based systems and allow analysts to discover unknown and hidden fraud patterns. With SEMANTICA, you can stop this large, silent, looming threat by identifying fraud more effectively.


Increase fraud visibility

Piece together disparate data to get a unified picture to identify key actors involved in fraud

Detect hidden & collusive fraud

Uncover hidden patterns, trends and schemes across multiple channels to detect fraud that traditional systems may miss.

Increase investigator efficiency & productivity

Streamline fraud operations – workflow management, investigation and reporting in your organization.

Decrease costs

Complement the fraud detection solutions already in place at your organization to streamline processes.

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Gain Cross-Channel Visibility

Get a holistic view of your environment across a wide variety of data sources both internal and external (third-party, public data, etc.). SEMANTICA allows you to combine, fuse, and analyze all of your fragmented data at once — regardless of source, type, size, or format. And regardless of how much data you have, you’ll be able to identify the patterns needed to address fraud and other acts of potentially malicious behavior. SEMANTICA helps you understand entity behavior and track activity so you can see suspicious relationships and the warning signs before it’s too late.

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Detect Fraud Faster

Use advanced analytics to reveal hidden relationships and suspicious associations among customers, accounts or other entities early in their life cycles. SEMANTICA creates and manages complex network, geospatial, and temporal views, relationships and hierarchies; thereby revealing obvious and non-obvious patterns and trends across all data between various entities (people, locations, organizations, events, timing, etc.). SEMANTICA also allows you to determine the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where” and “how” to rapidly identify suspicious connections and criminal rings using social network analysis. With SEMANTICA, you can navigate through many layers of information to quickly recognize a pattern of activity or even infer the malicious intent that is prevalent in fraud cases.

See How Semantica can Work for you Request A Demo