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Safeguard your organization

The insider threat landscape is becoming more difficult to deal with and the range of culprits today has moved beyond employees and privileged IT staff to now include business partners, suppliers, contractors and third-party service providers. Your organization’s main security mechanisms were likely built for the untrusted external attacker – and not for the trusted employee, contractor or supplier – rendering traditional cyber security technologies ineffective against insider threats. Anyone who has access to your data, products, people or facilities has the potential to harm your organization. Protecting your organization from insider threats requires knowing exactly who your insiders are, what data they can access, when they access it, how they use it, and how they move it out of your network. With SEMANTICA, you can identify insider threats quickly and more effectively.


Improve company-wide visibility

Piece together disparate data to get unified, company-wide visibility into your information assets and the insiders who access them.

See the warning signs early

Better understand the patterns of user activity within your corporate firewalls so you can detect malicious behaviors and intent before data breaches occur.

Streamline investigations

Eliminate laborious and repetitive processes that are time-consuming with automated workflows.

Protect your corporate secrets & reputation

Prevent an insider with access to company assets, including confidential data, from causing damage to your company.

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know your insiders

Identify the high-risk behaviors of your employees, contractors, automated processes, network-enabled devices and more by correlating data from multiple sources. SEMANTICA accesses and ingests all data on application logs and entitlements, email records, alert streams and data loss products (DLP), as well as HR/ identity information from HRMS, CRMs, and other sources to create the equivalent of a “watch list.”

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Gain Early Visibility

Get early awareness to the signs that precipitate the malicious or inadvertent insider activities that harm your company. SEMANTICA understands the behaviors of the people, processes and systems on your network, and identifies when something is working outside organizational norms. SEMANTICA helps analysts spot insider threats by looking at both internal and external sources of data from every angle. Whether it is network and operating system log files, emails and attachments, employee demographics and other HR data or public data or social media, you can explore detailed, contextual information about exactly what was done and who was involved in suspicious behavior to warn you of potential threats so that you can identify, triage, and react ahead of time to make sure the threat is addressed.

See How Semantica can Work for you Request A Demo