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Identify Threats

While law enforcement has been historically been reactive, today criminal investigators and analysts can take a proactive stance to solve crimes. With SEMANTICA, you will be able to identify leads, support investigative and intelligence activities, find patterns and trends across criminal incidents, expedite case work, streamline analysts’ workflows, support intelligence sharing, and simply do more with less.


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​Do More

Use SEMANTICA to collate information from a variety of key sources, including databases with case information, criminal details, social networking sites, incarceration look-ups and more.

A More Complete Picture

Identify patterns, relationships and even hidden connections from multiple sources – meaning you’ll protect citizens before they become victims of crime.

Increase Investigator Efficiency

Eliminate laborious and repetitive processes with automated workflows to free up police officers' time on administrative tasks and to spend more time policing.

Stop Crime In Its Tracks

Take the time to really understand what drives crime. Then analyze and identify criminal networks and their connections so you can make critical decisions – all before a crime has occurred.

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unify Silos of Data

Get to the clues and evidence you need from silos of data — criminal history records, law enforcement incident reports, records of judicial actions and decisions, watch lists of known and suspected criminals and terrorists, and social media. SEMANTICA fuses all available data, allowing you to see what’s been booked, what’s been authorized and how the many details relate to everything else that is going on. You’ll get a holistic view of your information including internal and external sources so you can see threats before they become crimes and immediately react to the investigations.

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Be One Step Ahead

Connect dots where there are seemingly no connections at first glance. SEMANTICA creates and manages complex network, geospatial, and temporal views, relationships and hierarchies; thereby revealing patterns and trends across all data between various entities (people, locations, organizations, transactions, timing, etc.). With partial information such as a suspect’s name and address, SEMANTICA can connect to information from multiple agencies to build links to other valuable details such as where and when the individual works, who he associates with, and even what vehicle he drives. It’s about smart, effective, and proactive policing – not simply reacting to criminal behavior after it happens.

See How Semantica can Work for you Request A Demo