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Elevate your tracking

Organizations work with multiple suppliers and each supplier and sub-supplier has its own separate system – meaning it can take days, weeks, or even months to locate a “bad” product in the supply chain. With SEMANTICA, whether you are in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, CPG, or the food industry, you can track your individual products throughout the supply chain in context, from raw materials to production to end consumer, and help ensure consumer safety, accelerate cycle times, protect reputation, and mitigate risk.


Greater visibility throughout the entire supply chain

Get a company-wide view of product lineage to identify traceability issues from the full cycle of your supply chain.

Better manage recalled, expired & returned products

Quickly identify internal and external information about products allowing you to effectively execute product holds, withdrawals, or even recalls.

Quicker response to issues

Reduce the time needed for investigations across all phases of the supply chain process, from raw-material vendor to manufacturer to distributor to consumer.

Mitigate risks throughout your supply chain

Reduce the risks to associated corporate liabilities, mitigate your exposure to financial risk, and protect your brand.

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break down silos

Combine all data about a product from start to finish – IDs, events (produced, shipped, received, dispensed), product-related information (batch, manufacturing date, expiration date), product locations, data from diverse ERP, MES, PES and POS systems, and consumer and supply chain partner information and consumer and supply chain partner information to get a holistic view of the product.

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See your Supply Chain in Context

Identify and visualize all links between finished products and all raw materials – IDs, process events, product-related data, partner data, locations – to enable the right tracking at the right time. SEMANTICA provides visual representations of data in network, temporal or geospatial formats so you can track critical events during a certain time period or across multiple locations, and see them all of this in context. You’ll have greater product insight allowing your company to quickly execute product holds, withdrawals and even recalls -- mitigating risk and increasing business effectiveness.

See How Semantica can Work for you Request A Demo