Experience counts

Government clients have been using Semantica and its predecessor for more than a decade. Uses include identifying and tracking adversaries, combating terrorism, border security, state and local law enforcement, anti money laundering (AML), Elite Special Forces, Counter Narcotics, organized crime, Civil Aviation, ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms), and more.

Semantic Research employees have top federal government clearances. We have worked closely with investigative forces across many departments and agencies since 9/11.

Our Washington offices are located in Arlington, VA.


Big data can help you spot big threats.

Potential threats can be surfaced through big data. Social media posts, credit card transactions, travel, texts, phone calls, arrest records, and more are all digitized and stored...somewhere.

Manual approaches cannot keep up with your adversaries’ use of technology. They grow more sophisticated by the day. Yet the typical approach of many organizations, even today, is to search for data manually, compile it in spreadsheets and look for relationships.

Employees charged with identifying risk “before the boom” are frustrated. They need answers, speed, visualizations and common sense views of enormous amounts of data.

Semantica can help.

Semantica Pro Semantica Pro Semantica Pro Semantica Pro
Integrates all data into one resource.

Wherever data resides Semantica will find it, pull it into one resource and create visualizations for you. All data, all types, all sources.

Reduces noise, delivers relevancy

Make overwhelming volumes of data a thing of the past. Semantica parses data superbly, delivering only what's relevant to your analysis.

Automated workflows

Semantica multiplies analysts' efficiencies by markedly reducing the number of actions an analyst must take to find answers.

Automated reporting

Set it and forget it. Visualizations include customizable dashboards, link charts, geospatial, taxonomies, time graphs, dossiers, histograms, scatter/line plotting, pie charts and more.

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