Power Through Context

Newest Version of SEMANTICA® Software Makes It Even Easier to Analyze All Data

SAN DIEGO, CA — (October 6, 2015) – Semantic Research Inc. today announced the worldwide release of powerful new capabilities in the SEMANTICA Pro™ 5.6 desktop product. This newest version allows individual users across multiple industries to better explore relationships between different types of data, reveal hidden risks and opportunities, and help improve their effectiveness, information sharing and decision-making.

"The biggest challenge facing business and intelligence analysts today is understanding all available and relevant data in context. The new access, analytic and visualization capabilities of SEMANTICA Pro 5.6 deliver Big Data context functionality to users' desktop environments, which we believe is unrivaled among today's intelligence and analytic tools," says Chip Harrison, CEO, Semantic Research.

Access and Performance

SEMANTICA Pro 5.6, part of the SEMANTICA Intelligent Data Enterprise Analytics (iDEA)™ Platform, is advanced analytics software for analysts who need to access, visualize, interact, and understand data. The challenge for too many business professionals remains the ability to access internal and external data from multiple, siloed sources and analyze data in context so they can connect the dots to identify trends, risks, patterns and anomalies.

SEMANTICA Pro 5.6 comes with an all-new application framework, a more intuitive look and feel, and several features that allow users to work with an even greater quantity of data in an easier, more effective way.

A selection of the new features:

Workspace and Drawers: Functionality that allows users to consolidate multiple views into one easy-to-view workspace for new entities, new media, attachments and more. This functionality will help simplify what users are looking at all times.

Global Search: A single interface to search for multiple types of content with an option to customize and filter results by local entities, local attachments, cloud entities, cloud attachments, Geocoder and more.

Quick Look: An interface that allows users to preview multiple types of data without interrupting their workflow including location-based STCs, external files, cloud entities and attachments, local entities and attachments and others.

"Quick Launch" Tools: Commonly used functionality can be added with drag-and-drop ease.

Robust Components: Three enhancements including the ability to: 1) filter most tables simply typing inside the component, 2) see a preview of an entity before selecting it for use in a triplet, and 3) select

Contextual Help: An easily accessible library of training videos to guide users through their questions.

SEMANTICA Pro today is used by numerous government agencies for critical defense, law enforcement, intelligence, cyber security, financial, investigative and legal analytics missions. "Working with data doesn't need to be so difficult," says Tim Murphy, EVP Customer Management of Semantic Research. "The enhancements of SEMANTICA Pro 5.6 are aimed directly at analysts who are looking for an easier way to analyze mission-critical data in their world."

About Semantic Research

Based on the early, ground-breaking work on knowledge representation for education by our founders and capitalizing on success in major Big Data analysis programs in the National Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DoD), and Law Enforcement (LE), Semantic Research has been redefining the way users visualize, interact with, and understand data and information for more than a decade. SEMANTICA dynamically connects data sources of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and enriches it to make contextual connections that unlock insights to enable truly informed business decisions. Semantic Research has corporate offices in San Diego, CA and Arlington, VA. Visit semanticresearch.com for more information.

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