Semantic Research and knf Technologies Team Up to Deliver Universal Context Across all Your Data

A Solid Step in Semantic Research’s Partnerships to Continue Growth Trajectory

San Diego, California, Feb. 16, 2017 - Semantic Research and knf Technologies today announced a strategic partnership that enhances their product position in the market by significantly accelerating time to value creating data fusion. The new partnership is expected to spark innovation and provide customers with more options in the public and private sector by bringing near real-time data analysis from structured and unstructured data, including dark data content. The Semantica platform will harness knf Technology’s unique AI assisted document scoring and prioritization assistance to enhance Semantica’s ability to deliver ever-increasing throughput and significant efficiency gains for platform users.

The partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two companies’ respective strengths across three main points:

First is time savings. The Semantica platform is a powerful, flexible, contextual data analytics solution that can access data from any source, analyze it and offer insights. Semantica enables users to find the specific documents they need inside of a larger corpus of documents. This allows disparate data utilization without the complexity and cost of normalization. Second, as the investigation continues, all of the knowledge acquired by analysts can be visualized in context with the documents. This way, users never forget what they’ve already seen when using the platform. Supporting both SAAS as well as on-premise installations, the solution lets the customer maintain control of the raw documents, maximizing the company's data security. Lastly, the Semantica solution can be used for any size corporation that has a shared drive or a need to bring together structured and unstructured data, from public and private sources, while flexing to incorporate social and sensor data to help users find exactly what they need, in context and delivered faster.

The Semantica platform adapts to users and the enterprise by automating the discovery of connections across virtually any data source. Semantic Research CEO Chip Harrison shares, “This partnership helps execute our vision to bring the most powerful cognitive connection technologies into the Semantica platform to deliver cutting-edge insights for our customers. By integrating knf Technologys contextual search analytics engine and natural language search capabilities with Semantica’s incredibly flexible and proven analytics platform, we continue our mission to scalable data insights across the enterprise.”

Reg Bravo, knf Technology CEO, shares the excitement of the partnership saying, “Our focus has been to explore how the Semantica platform can integrate with knf Technology’s cognitive analytics engine, providing the most advanced big data analytics and visualization solution available today. Together, we anticipate a variety of expert use cases with Semantic Research serving the financial sector, professional consulting firms, pharmaceutical and gaming industries as well as wide spread usage throughout the government sector.”

About Semantic Research Semantic Research's unique adaptation of semantic network theory has enabled the company to tackle the most difficult challenges of data with a very different and much more adaptable vision than anyone else in the business. Semantica technology can redefine the way organizations visualize, interact with, analyze, and understand data from multiple sources that traditional technologies often overlook. Semantic Research helps its customers fuse disperate data into scalable insights and evolve their data experience. Learn more at, or email

About KNF knf Technologies helps unlock the value in disparate or hidden data using emerging artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to enable business users to directly explore their data through simple, English language commands. This approach dramatically improves our customers' ability to gather business insights from their data at a fraction of the time and cost previously possible. Learn more by contacting us at