Semantic Research Announces Training for SEMANTICA

New Training Services Take Desktop Product to Next Level of Performance

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 08, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Semantic Research Inc. today announced a new customized training solution for end-users to better support the wide range of capabilities offered in the SEMANTICA Pro™ 5.6 desktop product. The high-quality, well-documented training makes it even easier for end-users to understand, analyze, and visualize data in context.

SEMANTICA® brings together relevant data from multiple and disparate data sources, both inside and outside an organization, using a flexible data model that allows users to quickly and easily access the right data across all available sources to create a unified, seamless view. SEMANTICA ensures on-going dynamic access to fresh data rather than simply acquiring bulk data destined to become stagnant upon ingest into the static environment of a proprietary database. Once ingested, data is enriched with context and transformed from a record into a cognitive model for rapid identification of any known and hidden patterns to support better, faster, more confident decision-making.

SEMANTICA today is used by numerous government agencies for critical defense, law enforcement, intelligence, cyber security, financial, investigative and legal analytics missions.

"We know our customers are always looking to take their SEMANTICA implementations to the next level," says Tim Murphy, SVP Customer Management. "Our training courses, offered in a day or less, allow them to do that with ease."

The Semantic Research training services are offered in four end-user levels, designed to meet the specific needs of our diverse customer base:

Level 1

  • End-users learn how to get started with their SEMANTICA implementation. We walk you through the steps to get all of your data, from virtually any source inside and outside your organization, into the SEMANTICA system.

Level 2

  • End-users learn how to analyze data with the SEMANTICA platform. You'll see how easy it is to look at data in different ways to understand the "who", "what", "when", "where", "how", and "why" of a story.

Level 3

  • From data acquisition to analysis, end-users get comprehensive look at the many features of SEMANTICA Pro 5.6. You'll be able to take your semantic solution to the next level of performance, using practical, real-world scenarios in class to work on.

Level 4

  • An advanced class that covers editing source mappings, editing report outputs, creating templates and editing forms as well as customizing card views.

To sign up for a training class, please send an email to with 'Training' in the Subject header.

About Semantic Research
Based on early, ground-breaking work on knowledge representation for education by our founders and capitalizing on success in major Big Data analysis programs in the National Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DOD), and Law Enforcement (LE), Semantic Research has been redefining the way users visualize, interact with, and understand data and information for more than a decade. SEMANTICA dynamically connects data sources of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and enriches it to make contextual connections that unlock insights to enable truly informed business decisions. Semantic Research has corporate offices in San Diego, CA and Arlington, VA. Visit for more information.

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