SEMANTICA Pro 5.6 Raises The Bar

New functionality leads to faster, more confident decision-making

SAN DIEGO, CA, January 29, 2016/ PRNEWSWIRE -– Semantic Research® today announced the availability of new functionality in its SEMANTICA® Platform. The latest version of the company’s desktop product, SEMANTICA Pro™ 5.6, includes four powerful new capabilities that will enable end-users across multiple industries to understand, visualize, and analyze all data more effectively.

The new features are:

  • Social network analysis that’s powered by a variety of algorithms to uncover the most central actors in a network.
  • Multi-level chart-mapping that categorizes data based on an array of criteria in an iterative manner until the desired answer is found
  • Temporal views that enable the analysis of event density, frequency, and other metrics by overlaying event data on conventional constructs such as a calendar view to uncover otherwise undetectable patterns and other temporal characteristics. End-users may then create reports, data exports, etc. to disseminate their findings to the larger audience.
  • Unparalleled extensibility that allows organizations to easily introduce new capabilities for customers via a plugin framework. Customers can also develop plugins themselves if they have the in-house capability.

“Organizations are increasingly under greater pressure to gain a competitive edge and generate more value from not just their Big Data, but all data,” said Chip Harrison, CEO, Semantic Research. “The new advanced capabilities of SEMANTICA Pro 5.6 provide end-users with a number of ways to address the intelligence problems that simply are not solvable by traditional link analysis.”

SEMANTICA Pro 5.6 is powered by SEMANTICA iDEA™ (Intelligent Decision Enterprise Analytics) platform, which brings together relevant data from multiple and disparate data sources, both inside and outside an organization. This platform uses a flexible data model that allows users to quickly and easily access the right data across all available sources to create a unified, seamless view.

Unlike other solutions that simply acquire bulk data that is destined to become stagnant in a proprietary database, SEMANTICA iDEA ensures ongoing dynamic access to fresh data. Once ingested, the data is enriched with context and transformed into a layer of intelligence that delivers faster, better analysis through the most intuitive graph data interface available anywhere.

About Semantic Research
Based on early, ground-breaking work on knowledge representation for education by our founders and capitalizing on success in major Big Data analysis programs in the National Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DOD), and Law Enforcement (LE), Semantic Research has been redefining the way users visualize, interact with, and understand data and information for more than a decade. SEMANTICA dynamically connects data sources of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and enriches it to make contextual connections that unlock insights to enable truly informed business decisions. Semantic Research has corporate offices in San Diego, CA and Arlington, VA. Visit for more information.

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