Praescient Analytics Drives Semantica to Support Rapid Decision-Making

We recently had an opportunity to train some of the team at Praescient Analytics on our Semantica NetCentric Intelligence platform. After only about a day of training, they made this demonstration video which applies their advanced analytical process to a fictional scenario — all in Semantica.

Take a look to see professional analysts driving Semantica to quickly gain situational awareness of an emerging maritime incident, geospatially connect the actors to related information, identify friendly assets in the area, and provide actionable intelligence reporting to decision-makers so they can respond quickly and efficiently:

If you are not yet familiar with Praesient Analytics, they have built a team of exceptionally dedicated analysts and engineers with a wide range of experiences and talents. Drawn from the government, private sector, non-profit community, and academia, Praescient’s team members are united in their commitment to leveraging data and advanced analytic technologies to solve the world’s most pressing and important problems.

Needless to say, we are pleased to see them leveraging the analytical capabilities of Semantica to fuse data from multiple sources, display it geo-temporally, and quickly derive valuable analytical products to support decision makers. If you are interested in more information about their services, please check them out:

And if you’d like more information on how you can use Semantica to support better, faster, more confident decision-making, please drop us a line: