Bolster Your Brainpower

The human brain can handle seven pieces of information in its short-term memory, and can generally deal with only four concepts or relationships at once. If there is more information to process, or any of the data is especially complex, the degree of difficulty increases considerably. By combining semantics with entity, path, link and social network analytics, SEMANTICA iDEA, the Intelligent Decision Enterprise Analytics Platform, adds a layer of intelligence to make contextual connections amongst disparate data, allowing you to hypothesize, explore, answer questions, and uncover things that you would never know to ask about.

Because we know that the real value is the contextual analysis - and not just the data.

Semantica Cortex Enterprise-Ready Analytics for the Most Demanding Organizations.


Flexible, Extensible Platform

Powerful, Predictive Insights

Seamlessly Secure

Richly Collaborative

Semantica Pro Intelligent Data Analytics for the Individual User.


On Demand Data

Completely Contextual

Immediate Insight

Dynamic Decisions

Put Semantica to Work

Semantica Workflow


  • Advanced API interfaces with push & pull capabilities
  • Query all sources at once through a common user interface (UI)
  • Intelligent Schema
  • Semantic graph data model implemented in a triplestore
  • Advanced analytics with data visualization
  • Easy graphical workflow configurations


  • Connect to any data source within and outside the organization
  • Access and ingest only the data that you want
  • Enrich your data with geographic, demographic, behavioral, psychographic information and much more and create precise relationships
  • Reconcile formats, structures and terminologies and identify patterns and relationships in your data
  • Uncover unexpected associations and create hypotheses to make faster smarter decisions (entity, relationship, path, social network & “what if”)
  • Streamline processes by eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks and spend more time analyzing

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