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Connect To
Any Data Source

Connect to all data sources inside and outside your organization.

Data to Insights
in Minutes

Enrich your data with context to get insight.

Tell a Meaningful

Look at data in different ways to understand the who, what, when, where, how, and why of a story.

Freedom to Analyze Anywhere

You don’t need to be connected to find answers. You can do all your analysis and push back the answers when you re-connect.

Semantica Pro Semantica Pro Semantica Pro Semantica Pro

On Demand Data

Search across multiple data sources with a single query, and return only the results needed for your analysis.

Completely Contextual

Enrich with context – whether that is geographic, behavioral, or demographic and much more – to make powerful connections across all of your data.

Actionable Analytics

Analyze and visualize data and relationships across multiple dimensions, discover unknown connections, and uncover hidden patterns that emerge to the surface for immediate insights.

Dynamic Decisions

Empower users to make smarter, more-informed, business optimal decisions.

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