Protect. Prevent. Predict.

Whether you work in a financial institution, a pharmaceutical or healthcare company, an insurance agency, in retail, or a government organization, you know that it’s not just the volume, variety and velocity of data coming at you that is overwhelming. Your greatest challenge is making the right connections with all of that data to drive the right decisions.

At Semantic Research, our solutions bring together all of the relevant data from multiple, disparate data sources strewn inside and outside an organization, enrich with context, view through a single lens and connect the dots seamlessly so that you can quickly identify any known and hidden patterns.

This means you can protect people, prevent threats and predict what’s coming.


Mitigate Risk

Comply with stringent regulations, detect patterns of suspicious behavior, identify actions that pose the greatest risk, and safeguard corporate reputations.

Increase Productivity

Enable workflows that reduce the time you need for research and increase the time available for analysis. Reduce days of effort to minutes.

Reduce Costs

Do more with less. Significantly cut costs in the near-term while positioning your organization to compete more effectively in the future.

Increase Profitability

Keep your best clients, attract new ones, and maximize the effectiveness of every data interaction of those clients.


Protect the public from organized criminals, state-sponsored spies and terrorists.


Prevent the most common threats and crimes in today’s business world.


Predict what your customers may really want to purchase or why they may leave you, consumer trends, and risks.
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Defense & Intelligence

Countering terrorism and terrorist attacks is top of mind for defense and intelligence agencies today. There is a new threat environment that we now have to come to terms with and that is the “unknown unknowns”.


Extreme Personalization

It’s no longer enough to know what your customers want. You need to know how they like it, when they want it, why it’s important, where they want to buy it, and who influences their purchases.


Border Security

Securing our borders, ports, strategic shipping lanes and waterways from terrorists, illegal aliens and drug trafficking are tantamount to national security. Monitoring the activity of all the entities passing through these entry points is extremely challenging and resource intensive without the right technology.


Product Traceability

No matter what industry you’re in, end-to-end product traceability is vital in allowing you to monitor product quality, provide insight into product distribution details, manage changing regulations, and allow for efficient and targeted product recalls.


Insider Threats

Your organization is under the real threat of a targeted attack against your most sensitive data – and the chance that this attack is from an insider is very high.


Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies have the huge challenge of not just tracking down the data they need, but to combine and analyze all data in context to generate actionable insights that can help reduce crime, improve response strategies, reduce risk and enhance public safety.



Today’s fraudsters are more sophisticated; they rarely work individually at small opportunistic crimes, but organize as rings and use new scams and schemes to exploit vulnerabilities in your organization and bilk you out of millions.


Conflicts of Interest

No matter what industry you are in, maintaining a clear understanding of everyone’s associations both within and outside your organization is a must to preventing damaging conflicts of interest.



You work hard and spend hard to get your customers. Losing them to churn – the loss of customers to some other company — is not an option.


Cyber Security

Cyberthreats have gone now mainstream. They are no longer IT problems - they are now boardroom issues and on the minds of all executives. Detect malicious, hidden threats more effectively and stop cyber crime in its tracks.